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Anna Douglas Consulting (ADC), LLC is a private consulting agency offering education, business, and life services. Our mission is to provide support and resources to our clients through a vast array of skill sets. The focus of the business is to bridge the gap between education and business, to teach, to support, and to guide those seeking improvements in their lives. We offer specialized and tailored plans for our clients, as we cannot achieve our mission without focusing on client-centered services.


The business was created to help build and support the community by providing various services. Our mission is to provide one-on-one guidance for our clients to achieve their goals at an affordable cost. Our goal is to ensure all services presented are professional, detailed, and tailored to our client's desires. This integrative approach aims to build and create more scholars, entrepreneurs, and small business owners for growth and sustainability.

Our vision is to stimulate communities educationally and economically. The vision is to educate individuals on bettering themselves through positive psychology. To help promote the sustainability of entrepreneurs, small business owners, and anyone wanting to achieve their dreams. The vision is to build communities and teach essential skills for improving one’s quality of living.




“exactly what i was looking for. providing me an outline of how to address the paper. comments and feedback on my own outline. quick professional, knowledgeable and extremely skilled in the area of writing research papers!” ~ Writing Student “FANTASTIC TUTOR!!!!

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND her services!!! Anna was humorous, engaging, committed, and made learning research easier for me. Anna helped me put my research proposal into perspective! LOVED HER!” ~ Ana F. Graduate Student"


Anna Douglas Consulting LLC helped me with reviewing my resume that very presentable and fit to what most employers look for in a resume. Very reasonable and courteous. I'd recommend her to anyone." ~ Travis D.


"Best experience ever! Ms Douglas was professional and courteous. She helped outline my business strategy, wrote my business plan, and showed me how to be sustainable. I can't wait to use her service again!" ~ Glenn H., Business Client

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Nadia Ware

Owner of Honey's Sweet Face & Body LLC, Nadia is part of our partnered businesses. Her homemade, holistic body scrubs and soaks are to die for!

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Melissa Greene

Melissa Green has worked extensively with ADC, LLC for the past four years. She is the owner of Inner Vision Consulting LLC a virtual assistance company. Mel is an exemplary example of the 5 Core Vales of ADC,LLC.

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